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Week 12: Summary

04/24/2018, 10:45am EDT
By Danny Harlow & John Colville

A wrap up of all the action in North Carolina

WOW, what a weekend of rugby in week 12!  As always, we’ll start the summary of the action on Friday nights Single High School competition.

The Ardrey Kell Knights needed a win against the Rocky River Ravens to guarantee them the top spot for the playoffs.  The Ravens were also in a battle for the 4th playoff spot.  Both teams needing a win to seal their own fate; it was tied at half time.  The knights just managed to edge out a win,  38-27.  The second SHS game on Friday night was in North Charlotte with the Hough Huskies hosting the South Meck Sabres.  Both teams looking for a win, to secure a home draw for the playoffs.  This was a great end to end match with the lead changing several times throughout the match.  It was 21-22 to the Sabres who held up a try attempt in the dying seconds of the game.  Several phases after the resulting scrum, the pressure became to much and they conceded a penalty right in front of their own posts, with time expired.  Hough made the ensuing kick and took the win, 24-22.  On Saturday, the Clayton Copperheads hosted the North Meck Vikings, who needed a win to take the 4th playoff spot.  They put in a dominant performance, taking the win 17-61.  The Providence Panthers hosted the Phillip O Berry Cardinals on Saturday.  Providence proved a little too much for a Berry team still trying to figure things out.  While Berry showed moments of skill, breaking through Providence's line with speed, multiple penalties kept Providence marching forward into Berry territory.  Halftime score was Providence 26-12.  Berry pulled things together a little more in the second half, but Providence kept the pressure up and were able to exploit holes in the Berry defense, leading to a 50-27 final score in favor of Providence.  So the top 4 at the end of the regular season is as follows:  1.  AK Knights, 2.  Hough Huskies, 3.  South Meck Sabres, 4.  North Meck Vikings.  The games for Week 13 will see the Knights take on the Vikings and the Huskies host the Sabres.

There were two games in the weekends OHS D1.  The Charlotte Tigers travelled to Chapel Hill to take on the Highlanders.  Both teams had maximum points heading into the game and the winner of this game would take the top seed for the playoffs.  The Tigers had the lead at halftime but the Highlanders hadn’t given up.  They came out fighting in the second half and managed to regain the lead with about a quarter of the match to go.  The Tigers then managed to score a couple of tries in the final few minutes of the game and put them out of reach of Chapel Hills last minute try and get a win, 33-44.  The Raleigh Redhawks were in Charlotte taking on the Catholic Cougars, in a battle for 3rd and 4th place.  Another very back-and-forth match by two very strong sides.  Redhawks lead at the half, 17-14, with the difference being a converted penalty goal.  That lead held, as the two sides notched two more converted tries a piece in the second half.  The playoff seeds for the OHS D1 looks like this:  1.  Charlotte TIgers, 2.   Chapel Hill HIghlanders, 3.  North Raleigh Redhawks, 4.  Charlotte Catholic.  The games for  the week 13 playoffs will be the Tigers vs Cougars and Highlanders vs Redhawks.


The OHS D2 game was a play in to the Championship game between the Catholic Cougars B and the Greensboro Barbarians.  In an entertaining match, both teams traded scores throughout the game, ending the first half 19-19.  Full time had expired in the second half during open play with Greensboro leading 33-31.  With Catholic attacking about 10m inside Greensboro's half, Greensboro committed a ruck infringement, awarding Catholic a penalty.  Catholic retained possession off the ensuing line-out and drove the ball over the Greensboro goal line with a go-ahead try with no time remaining.  The final score, 38-33.  This puts the Cougars into the D2 Championship game to take on the Tigers B on May 5th.

All the High School Girls teams were in action this weekend, starting on Friday night with the Hough Huskies hosting the South Meck Savages.  In an excellent, well balanced, end to end game, the Huskies missed out on 2 tries, getting into the in-goal area, but not managing to place the ball down for a try.  Had they been successful, the result could have been different.  The savages passed and offloaded the ball well, getting them the win, 15-24.  Unfortunately, Lexington couldn’t make the trip up to Charlotte to take on the Myers Park Mustangs so they take a forfeit win.  On Sunday, the North Meck Vikings travelled to South Greenville to play 3 x 7s games against the South Carolina team.  The Vikings won all 3 games with great display of teamwork, support and continuity.  The week 13 playoffs will look like this:  1.  Vikings vs 4.  Hough Huskies;  2.  Savages vs 3.  Mustangs.

To wrap up, an exciting and entertaining final weekend of regular season rugby, played to a high standard, with exemplary values of rugby on display throughout.  Playoff weekend is going to be even more, action packed!!

NCYRU 4th Annual Junior Varsity Boys Mothers Day Tournament

04/19/2018, 9:45am EDT
By Danny Harlow

JV Boys Tournament at Matthews Sportsplex

NCYRU 4th Annual Junior Varsity Boys Mothers' Day Tournament

Sunday, May 13th from Noon to 5pm @ The Mecklenburg County SportsPlex in Matthews

$100 registration fee (waived for Title I teams - this is a "break-even" tournament)

Each team will play 3 @ 30 minute matches over the day (15 minute halves) for maximum variety of opponents

No roster limit/ rolling subs

Players hand out mums (we provide) to the moms in attendance at the beginning of the tourney (a 3-year tradition!)

Register by emailing: and we'll sort out payment and seeding

This is a FANTASTIC event and a great way for JV teams to finish up their 15s season.   We've embraced playing on Mothers' Day and on a Sunday as it is actually HUGE hit with the moms!   Their boys give them a flower and play rugby matches in their honor, 

NCYRU defines "JV HS Boys" as players in 9th-11th grades - no seniors may play.   Most teams will be 9th/ 10th, but 11th is fine.   The spirit of the tournament is to get younger high school boys a competitive event just for them at season's end - at to play it on a day where it will not conflict with varsity play-off matches.

Registration closes May 1st

Coaching and Referee Certification Incentive

03/14/2018, 10:00am EDT
By Danny Harlow

Exciting Reimbursement Offer from the NCYRU

Good morning all,

The NCYRU is excited to announce a new coaching and referee initiative for North Carolina Youth Rugby.  As part of our commitment to grow rugby in the state, it is important to have properly certified referees and coaches, as both of these have a direct impact on the quantity, quality, safety and enjoyment of our athletes.  In an effort to encourage growth in our coach and referee numbers, the NCYRU has decided that it will REIMBURSE your course fees, for a Level 1 officiating course or a Level 200 coaching course.

Back dated to September 1st 2017, completion of either or both courses mentioned above, followed by a season's worth of youth coaching in North Carolina for coaches, or 10 games officiating at the youth level in North Carolina for referees will enable eligibility for reimbursement from the NCYRU.  Applications for reimbursement for coaching courses must be submitted from head coach of the team at which the individual has served as a coach at the end of the season to the NCYRU administrator, Danny.  Applications for reimbursement for referee courses may be be submitted directly from the individual referee to Danny.

This is a great opportunity for personal development, especially for high school athletes helping out with the younger teams or parents currently assisting at practice.  Let’s make the most of it.

Happy learning,


USA College Scholarships

02/25/2017, 11:00am EST
By Danny

More Rugby Scholarships available!!

Details on Rugby Scholarships:

USA rugby has details on which colleges can offer rugby scholarships

USA College Rugby Teams Directory

10/29/2016, 11:45pm EDT
By USA Rugby

USA Rugby College Team Directory

Please follow the link to see which USA colleges have rugby teams

Single High School State Champions

08/08/2016, 8:00am EDT
By Danny

Congratulations to our new Single High School State Champions: The Myers Park Mustangs

Well done to the Myers Park Mustangs boys on becoming our new Single High School State Champions.  They defeated the Hough Huskies on Friday night 36-7.  Also a huge congratulations to Adam Phifer, from the Mustangs, for picking up the Man of the Match award.

Also, in our 3rd & 4th ranked game, the Providence Panthers edged out the South Meck Sabres 22-18 to take the 3rd spot.

Such a great finish to an amazing season.  Well done to everyone involved!!!

Junior Ravens

03/20/2016, 3:15pm EDT
By Robert Peterlin

Next Generation of Ruggers in East Charlotte is Born

20 Mar 16. Mint Hill/Charlotte, NC.  The Rocky River RFC, a School based rugby team at Rocky River High School is launching an outreach program for the surrounding elementary schools.  The Rocky River Players are going to volunteer as mentors and tutors for the children at Reedy Creek Elementary, J.W. Grier Elementary and J.H. Gunn Elementary.

In addition to mentoring and tutoring, the High School Ravens will institute a community based U10 and U12 contact and non-contact Rugby programs for students at those schools to participate in the North Carolina youth rugby leagues.

For additional information, to provide words of encouragement, to offer to support this undertaking, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Derrick Brown or Robert F. Peterlin.  #RavensRugbyStrong #JuniorRavensSoar